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Welcome to On-Line Assessment Data for the City of Bloomington Township, Assessor's Office. We hope you will find the information here useful.

New Features

We have added some new features to our property pages. When viewing Property Characteristics, note that the square foot area of the lot is now included at the bottom of the form. Additional new photos are updated as we visit a home for review. On the Assessment Info Page if you scroll to the bottom you will see a button that take you directly to your tax bill at the county web site, or a map and lot information. Below are sample buttons you will see that take you to the tax bill, or map of your property.

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Hints for searching

When searching by parcel ID simply enter the number with or without dashes, i.e. xxxxxxxxxx, or xx-xx-xxx-xxx. Address searching is easy. When entering an address do not use any punctuation, or street extensions. Example -- 816 S Mercer is correct, while 816 S. Mercer Ave. is incorrect. If you are not sure about an address enter just the number, ---- 816, or just the street name Mercer. Either method returns a list of potential properties to pick from.

Parcels Available

At this time the only parcels available on our site are those in the City of Bloomington Township If the property you are seeking information on is in Normal Township, use the Normal Township button below to take you to their web site. All parcels in McLean County have tax bill information available at McLean County, and On-Line County maps are available at


To get started select the City of Bloomington button below. In addition to Parcel ID numbers you can enter full, or partial address searches, by street, or number. Included also is a link to the Normal Township site. Just follow their instructions once you arrive.

Ciy of Bloomington Properties Town of Normal Properties

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