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As a taxpayer, you are concerned about paying only your fair share of taxes for the services received. The assessment office for the City of Bloomington Township is responsible for estimating the market value of every property in the City of Bloomington Township.

See our New Assessor Report page for updated reports and comments
As we estimate the value of your property,
every effort is made to assure your assessment is equitable to similar properties. We need to work together to guarantee the services which are part of the quality of life of our community. I urge you to call my office with any questions or concerns regarding your property assessment.

The assessment office maintains records of ownership and sale information as well as property characteristics. These characteristics are used in conjunction with our analysis of the real estate market to estimate a market
value, and then an assessed value of your property.

By law, all property must be revalued every four years. Our goals are to determine an accurate market value estimate of property, and to assure that similar properties have similar assessments.  Click to see Frequently Asked Question.





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